Workshop Spirit

Optimizing energy consumption of quantum technologies as a function of target performances is quite a challenging task, which requires quantifying and minimizing all kinds of physical resource costs, and connecting inputs from various areas of knowledge operating at various levels of description. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts in these different areas of knowledge, to build new interdisciplinary methodologies, frameworks and roadmaps. 

For example, a framework for quantum computing is likely to include the following ingredients:

  • The task to be executed is defined by the end user at the macroscopic level, and can lead to different algorithms. Depending on the compilation, they can give rise to different quantum circuits.
  • The metric of performance results from the control over noise reached at the fundamental, quantum level of the processor.
  • Increasing the control has a physical resource cost. Resources can be hardware-agnostic or hardware-dependent. Hardware-agnostic resources encompass the number of physical operations, qubits, circuit architecture, type of error correcting code, compiler, classical decoders...Hardware-dependent resources involve the energy consumption at the level of the quantum processor, and at the macroscopic level of enabling technologies (lasers, photon detectors, cryogeny, control electronics...)
  • Hardware-agnostic resources mandate hardware-dependent resources.
  • Hardware-dependent resources directly impact the quantum processor's environment, hence impacting the noise, etc.

The frameworks for other quantum technologies (sensing, metrology, communication, machine learning...) are likely to have similar ingredients. The object of this workshop is to stimulate research to identify the relevant ingredients for different technologies, to quantify them, and to explore the inter-relations between them.

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