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QEI 2023 will be a 5-day brainstorm whose overall organization will be supervised by the Quantum Young Researchers' Association (QYRA). QYRA is an organization that brings together the Singapore community of young researchers working in quantum science.

In addition to organizing the poster session and roundtable discussions, QYRA shall coordinate the work “behind the scenes” to foster synergies and stimulate creative thinking, with the goal to come out with common roadmaps.



Tuesday 21st November, 1445 - 1700

The poster session will feature a collection of contributed posters arranged thematically, making it easy for workshop participants to navigate and engage in exciting discussions with peers on their preferred workshop topics. 3-5 minute flash presentations on the main stage will pace the session and highlight results or research questions that bright young minds can offer.



Thursday 23rd November, 1430 - 1700

The second event will consist of roundtable discussions and final restitutions, aimed at structuring the material gathered during the workshop into concrete inter-disciplinary roadmaps. In the spirit of the workshop, discussions will not only be restricted to a given topic, but also on their interrelations.

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