Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for ORAL presentations: Now closed  (the deadline has passed)

Abstract submission for POSTER presentations: Open. Register for the workshop first, then submit abstract before 16 Oct.

If you register for the workshop (here), then we encourage you to also submit a poster abstract, so that all participants can get a overview of your work. Your abstract should explain the interest of your work to an interdisciplinary audience, ranging from researchers working on fundamental questions of quantum information, to researchers working on practical improvements in enabling technologies (such as electronics or cryogenics). It could open with questions to researchers from the other communities. 

  • Here is a model abstract in docx or pdf.
  • The whole abstract should not exceed 1 page. It can include a figure.
  • Its last paragraph can be more technical, giving a few selected details for experts.

 To submit an abstract: 

Contact us if you have any questions: qei2023@sciencesconf.org





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